Spanish Training Continues in Tucson, AZ

1704_-_SAI_-_Follow_up_Training_on_Power_-_Spanish.jpgOur Lady of Fatima Catholic Church hosted the Southern Arizona Interfaith - PCICEO Hispanic Leaders group for a training on "Poder."  Twenty-five leaders, many of which attended a 3-day Spanish training last November, discussed power, conducted house meetings and planned for the future with Fr. Vili Valderrama.  Participating parishes included: St. Cyril’s, Sacred Heart, St. Monica’s, St. Augustine Cathedral, St. Christopher’s, Our Lady of Fatima, Sacred Heart, St. John’s and San Martin de Porres.

1704_-_SAI_-_Know_Your_Rights_Training_at_St._John_Catholic_Church.jpgThose who attended the November training are now organizing sessions on immigration and other topics in their parishes, including a Know Your Rights and Citizenship forum put together by the leadership team of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church with Catholic Community Services (in right photo).  Immigration lawyer Amy Fairchild-Haer dispelled common rumors and answered questions.  Msgr. Raul Trevizo, Pat Alvarez, Sofia Rodriguez and Lorena Santos led house meetings and distributed a “Plan de Preparacion” for parish members.

Training was also conducted at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic and St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic churches.

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