Leadership Development

We are called by our religious traditions to “love mercy and do justice.”  Our democracy promises "liberty and justice for all."  But what does that look like?  The Interfaith Education Fund teaches organizers and institutional leaders how to create effective leadership development strategies that get to the heart of this question.  

Our congregational development workshops examine what scripture has to say about organizing.  For example: What does the IAF's Iron Rule share with Jethro's words of wisdom to a burnt out Moses?  What does Paul's Letter to Corinth tell us about the mission of modern institutions?  Can the Gospel of Matthew help us identify potential leaders in our own congregations?  Are the actions the prophet Nehemiah took to rebuild the temple relevant to congregations today? 

Our institutional leadership development zeroes in on community organizing habits and practices that underlie our democratic history and tradition.  This includes hands-on practicums like how to do effective individual meetings, how to run small group conversations, what are qualities of leaders, and how to plan, engage in and evaluate meaningful action.

The Interfaith Education Fund works with organizers and institutional leaders to bring the wisdom of scripture and the democratic tradition to the forefront of strategies that make organizations stronger and leaders more effective.

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