The Interfaith Education Fund (IEF) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides education, research, training and technical support to community organizations affiliated with the West / Southwest Industrial Areas Foundation.  Its focus is to equip ordinary people with the skills they need to be effective leaders in their workplace, in their congregations and in their communities. 

The Interfaith Education Fund provides education and training through:

Rooted in the tradition of the nation's oldest and largest organizing network, the Industrial Areas Foundation, the IEF has trained thousands of organizers and leaders across the West and Southwest US in the skills and practices of effective citizenship. We do so to ensure that ordinary citizens and residents know how to be more effective at making change in a proactive and positive manner, thereby recovering the nobility and virtue of public life.

Leaders and organizers trained by the Interfaith Education Fund have transformed local labor markets, changed public healthcare systems, turned around public schools, and renewed congregations seeking to be more effective in outreach and mission.     

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    Catholic Labor Network Credits IAF Leaders with Establishing Effective Long-Term Job Training Programs

    [Excerpt] ....Quest has "the largest, sustained earnings impacts ever found in a rigorous evaluation of a workforce development program," writes Mark Elliott of Economic Mobility Corporation.   How does Quest succeed?  It emerged as a project of two community organizations affiliated with Industrial Areas Foundation.  With skillful discipline those organizations, starting in the mid-1970s, formed extensive public relationships, including several with area businesses.  in the early 1990s the IAF leaders decided to use their social capital on behalf of the underemployed.  Job training should match the actual needs of known employers, the IAF leaders thought.  Plus the trainees deserved sustained ancillary service, including financial planning.  Quest's employer- driven model of training as been exported to other Texas communities, plus to Tucson and Monroe, LA.  Recently, another IAF group, DuPage United, launched a Quest-like job training program. Taking the Initiative In Job Training, Initiatives in Support of Christians in the World  
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    ABQ Interfaith Reflects on the Theology of 'Welcoming the Stranger'

    Albuquerque Interfaith leaders reflected together on the theological foundations underpinning their spring and summer efforts in support of Central American asylum seekers at an event hosted by Monte Vista Christian Church.  Seven faith leaders shared what from their faith traditions spurred them into action and challenged participants to continue to engage with those different from themselves.
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